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Expanded Test Content Outline Posted

An expanded version of the National Test – Content Outline for the SAFE MLO National Test with Uniform State Content has been posted on the testing page of the NMLS Resource Center. The expansion of the outline includes more focused information to better serve the needs of the test taker. The updated outline is available here.

New Expanded Approved / Not Approved Topic List Posted; Expanded Test Content Outline May 8

Today NMLS posted on the course provider page of the NMLS Resource Center an updated approved/not approved topic list for mortgage education.  Unlike in previous years, the topic list has been broken out between pre-licensure and continuing education.  The CE list also includes topical items that will be required to be taught in calendar 2018.

A primary objective of the new topic list is to better define what subject areas are most appropriate for pre-licensure education, and what an MLO needs to know as he/she works to prepare for the SAFE MLO Test.  The continuing education list includes feedback from state regulators and the Multi-State Mortgage Committee (MMC) reoccurring and common problems that have been identified during mortgage exams which annual continuing education can assist to address.  The subjects listed on the CE topic list will be required for any CE course intended to be approved and delivered in calendar year 2018.  Going forward the CE topic list will be updated every first quarter of the year and will include new subject areas which will be required to be taught the next calendar year.

On Monday, May 8th, NMLS will also post to the NMLS Resource Center an expanded Test Content Outline.  Similar to the topic list, the expanded test content outline is intended to better set expectations about the level of knowledge a test candidate is expected to possess going in to take the test.   It’s important to note that nothing about the test (the number of questions, content areas, timing or anything else) is changing.

Both the expanded approved/not-approved topic list and the expanded test content outlines are intended to be supportive of one another, and are intended to help individuals who are seeking to acquire and maintain an MLO license to prepare and be successful in their careers.

The expanded topic list has been reviewed by the Course Provider Working Group and the Mortgage Testing & Education Board (MTEB).  NMLS will host a webinar on Thursday, April 27, at 12pm ET to further explain the document and to answer questions.   This webinar is for NMLS approved course providers only.

NMLS is Recruiting for the Course Provider Working Group

NMLS is recruiting to fill four (4) positions on the Course Provider Working Group (CPWG). The CPWG provides relevant input on matters pertaining to course approval and course delivery policies. The CPWG is made up of nine (9) NMLS approved course providers representing of a mix of large national organizations, small independent companies, and schools that offer classroom, online, webinar, or a mix of course formats.  Additional information about the CPWG is available on the course provider page of the NMLS Resource Center.

Agenda for “Course Provider Day” at NMLS Conference Posted

NMLS will be hosting “Course Provider Day” as part of the annual NMLS Conference to be held in Austin, TX.  This year’s all-day session will be held on Monday, Feb 13, from 9am – 5pm.  There is no fee for course providers to attend this all-day session (regular fees to attend the rest of the conference do apply).  For those who cannot attend conference slides will be posted after the event.  The agenda for the full-day session along with the rest of the conference agenda is available here.

Final Hours for Annual CE

Tomorrow, December 31,  is the final deadline for MLOs to file for annual renewal.  To avoid unnecessary customer service calls course providers are encouraged to complete final reporting of CE to NMLS as soon as possible.  The Late CE catalog will be posted on the NMLS Resource Center January 1. NMLS offices will be closed on Monday, January 2, in observance of New Year’s day.

Please QC Credit Banking Data

Course providers using the upload process (submitting .csv file) to submit course completions to NMLS are reminded to carefully check the data in the file being uploaded.  We have recently experienced cases were providers are including letters or decimal numbers in fields that require whole numbers.   Incorrect data will cause the upload process to fail and the credit banking will not be completed.


NMLS Point of Contact

Just a reminder to the course provider community the following points of contact:

Questions regarding the EMS, credit banking, course offerings, or corrections need to be directed to Britton Anderson (

Questions regarding course approval status should be directed to Jessica Esquina (

Questions regarding course exams or compliance should be directed to Michelle VanderNaalt (