Course Approvals – Ready, Set…uh Wait?

Help Us Help You!  We’re encountering a problem where some providers are initiating course approval or renewal projects in the Education Management System (EMS) but then are not submitting the course content until several weeks later.   This practice is negatively impacting the time it takes for courses to get approved.

As a rule you should only submit new courses for approval/renewal when the course content is ready to be reviewed.  Within 24 hours of the fees being paid in the EMS a project is created in the content portal (Basecamp) and the content should then be uploaded and made available for the course evaluator.  If the content is not there we reassign the evaluator to another project and they only revisit the course at their next window of availability.  Bottom line: not having content ready means your course(s) will go to the bottom of the work queue and this could have a serious impact if the course is up for renewal.

Additionally, if you are intending to submit a large number of courses for approval (5 or more), please give us a head’s-up by sending an e-mail to Britton (  Just like you we’re trying to manage our resources as efficiently as possible so if we know there are going to be a large number of courses coming in so we can plan accordingly.

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