Be Truthful in Advertising

NMLS has become aware of cases in which CE courses are being marketed in a manner that is less than consistent with the Business and Marketing section of the Course Providers Standards of Conduct or the Policy on Business Arrangements, Reselling and Marketing of NMLS Approved Courses. While we recognize that this is the “busy” season, making deceptive or inaccurate statements about course content, course delivery, or making negative statements about another course provider benefits nobody. All course providers are reminded of the following:

  • Every CE course has an end-of-course assessment. This assessment is a test or a comprehensive case study. The case study is to have the same rigor as the multi-choice test (see Sect 1.13.2 of the Functional Specification).   Advertising that your course does not have an end-of-course test as a means to differentiate is misleading.
  • All advertising is to be conducted in a manner that is free of disparaging and/or negative language of any individual, organization, entity, or federal/state licensing requirement.
  • All advertisements (to include print, email, web, etc.) are to clearly state the name of the course provider (as registered with NMLS) and must also include the name of the course and the course ID number as approved by NMLS.
  • While the business arrangement policy does allow for referral marketing arrangements, it is the approved course provider who NMLS will hold accountable for any violations of the SOC or marketing policy.

Please refer to the above references for all the standards. Any questions regarding marketing standards should be directed to Michelle VanderNaalt at

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