Arizona Education Requirements Unchanged

NMLS received several inquiries today regarding Arizona’s education requirements. NMLS has been in contact with AZ-DFI and confirmed requirements have not changed. Per ARS 6-991.03 and R20-4-1302, Arizona requires 20hrs of PE to include 4hrs of state-specific. The PE must be completed during the three-year period immediately preceding the time of application.

For licensure renewal AZ-DFI requires 8hrs of CE to include 1hr of state-specific education.

What may be confusing some course providers are the requirements for state-specific education, which have been in effect for many years as part of rule-making, will become part of statute effective July 3, 2015.

AZ-DFI will also adopt the Uniform State Test (UST) on July 15, 2015.

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