Update to the Functional Spec for All Approved Courses Posted

NMLS has posted a new version of the 2015 Functional Specification for All Approved Courses (v6.1). At the request of course providers and industry two updates have been made:

  • Section 1.16 provides a more precise definition of mobile devices to mean “small hand-held electronic devices.” NMLS only approves online courses for consumption on desktop and laptop computers and not for such devices as tablets and smart phones.
  • Sections and 4.2 pertaining to course scheduling of Online Instructor-Led (OIL) courses: while course providers may begin offering short hour OIL courses in accordance with the new time requirements beginning January 1, NMLS will not begin enforcement of the new course offering requirements until April 1, 2015. As has always been the case, OIL courses are required to be delivered through the employment of a Learning Management System, to be instructor-led, and students are required to go through the entire course as a cohort.

The updated document is available on the course provider page of the NMLS Resource Center.

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