Annual CE Season Begins August 1 – What You Need to Know

Within the past year a number of state agencies have also imposed new state-specific PE and CE requirements. In some cases these requirements are part of the 20 or 8 hours as required by the SAFE Act; in a few cases the hours are above the federal requirement. Regardless, when displaying the requirements please be sure to state the required number of hours accurately. As we begin the CE period please keep in mind that many agencies have a CE deadline that is earlier than the renewal deadline. Some agencies like CO, UT-DRE, and NY, also have very specific CE requirements that if not met, may result in the MLO having a license item placed on their record.   All of these requirements are detailed on the State-Specific Education Charts.

MLOs with questions about CE requirements should be directed to review their course completion record. Directions for how to view the record are available in the form of a Quick Guide which is available on the NMLS Resource Center. The education record displays the CE requirement for every license the MLO holds as well as their previous course history. Keep in mind that PE courses do not satisfy CE course requirements and the SAFE Act’s Successive Year Rule prohibits an MLO from taking the same course two years in a row.   NMLS will not remove or modify any records for MLO’s who violate these requirements.

On Friday, August 1, NMLS will place a license item on every MLO license that is not yet compliant for 2014 CE. The license item is a REMINDER to complete CE this year and does not impact the current license status nor is it in response to any previous year’s CE requirements. During the third week of every month between August and December NMLS will also be sending out an e-mail reminder to every MLO who is not yet compliant for annual CE.   NMLS will not be providing CE compliance status reports to course providers or industry.

In order to allow enough time for CE to be reported into the system and for the MLO to file for renewal, NMLS has set SMART Deadlines. This year’s deadlines are:

SMART DEADLINE: CE course(s) reported to NMLS by Friday, December 19
At RISK TO MISS RENEWAL: Course(s) reported to NMLS by Friday, December 26
GUARANTEED TO MISS RENEWAL: Course(s) reported to NMLS on Wednesday, December 31

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