Annual CE License Item Being Set August 1

Course providers are advised that on Friday, August 1, 2014, NMLS will place a license item on every MLO license not yet compliant for Continuing Education (CE) for 2014. The purpose of the license item is to remind individuals that they need to complete CE as a condition to renew their license for 2015.

What you need to know if you get calls from students who previously completed CE:

  • An MLO and company will receive an e-mail for every license they hold that is not yet compliant for 2014.
  • The license item does NOT impact a MLO’s current license status or the ability to originate loans; it’s a reminder to complete CE this calendar year.
  • The e-mail and license item does not have anything to do with any CE that has been completed in the past.

If you receive calls from MLOs with questions about CE please encourage them to review the status of their education by logging in to NMLS and clicking “View Education Record.”  If their record shows pending for 2014, then they need need to complete CE.  Directions for how to view the course completion record are available on the Resource Center.

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