New Education Notice for CT Posted; HI Notice Revised

The Connecticut Department of Banking (CT-DOB) has informed NMLS that in accordance with recently enacted Connecticut legislation, individuals seeking to obtain a MLO license with the CT-DOB will be required to complete one (1) hour of Connecticut state-specific PE as of October 1, 2014. This requirement is in addition to the existing PE requirements in Connecticut; thus, the total number of required PE hours has increased by one (1) hour to 21. Additionally, MLOs seeking to maintain an MLO license will be required to complete one (1) hour of Connecticut state-specific CE as a condition for licensure renewal beginning January 1, 2015.

The Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions (HI-DFI) has updated its Education Notice. The notice advises that upon completion of the pre-licensing education, an individual has up to twelve (12) months to submit an application for licensure as a mortgage loan originator. An individual who submits an application after the twelve months have expired will be required to repeat the 20hrs pre-licensing education requirements.

NMLS has posted a new CT Education Notice and the updated HI Education Notice explaining in detail the new education requirements. Course providers intending to offer courses to meet the new requirements need to pay close attention to the details contained in the notice. The notice may be found on the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center under the section Important Policy Information.

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