Education Notice for OK CE Requirement Posted

The Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit (OK-DOCC) has informed NMLS that in accordance with 59 O.S. § 2095.21, and effective November 1, 2013, a licensed MLO in the State of Oklahoma is required to complete annual continuing education (CE) in a classroom setting at least every two (2) years.

The OK-DOCC on April 16, 2014 issued an Official Declaratory Ruling stating that a MLO may satisfy the requirement for completing annual CE in a classroom setting at least every two (2) years by completing a classroom or classroom equivalent course as approved by NMLS. The requirement for an MLO to complete CE in a classroom or classroom equivalent setting may be met during calendar year 2014 or calendar year 2015.

NMLS has posted an Education Notice explaining in detail the new education requirements. Course providers intending to offer a course to meet the new requirements need to pay close attention to the detailed contained in the notice. The notice may be found on the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center under the section Important Policy Information.

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