Correction – Reporting Instructor Credit

Correction: NMLS has been made aware of several incidences from company compliance officers and MLOs where course providers are incorrectly submitting course completions with the roster configured to report instructor credit.  Reporting an MLO as an instructor has the effect of doubling the credit hours the course was approved for.  For state agencies that require a higher number of CE hours than eight, awarding instructor credit when the MLO is not an instructor has the effect of placing false information on the record which creates CE compliance problems.

There are, relatively speaking, very few CE course instructors so the reporting of instructor credit should be an extremely rare occurrence.    Unless the instructor is an MLO that also needs to complete CE, all course completions should be reported with column F of the excel or .csv file LEFT BLANK.   when credit banking manually, the far right drop-down should to be set to “N” for no.

Questions regarding the reporting of instructor credit should be directed to Rich Madison at

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