Notes for the Annual CE Season

The annual CE season is well underway.  Here are some notes and reminders to help you get through the season successfully:

Encourage MLOs to review their course completion record.  The redesigned course completion record provides a complete history of every course completed by an MLO going back as far as 2009.  The record also tracks federal and state PE/CE compliance for every license an MLO is approved for: a green checkmark next to a license type means the MLO is PE/CE compliant; the yellow caution symbol means education is required.   If an MLO does not have a requirement for CE in a given year, the record will say “No Federal CE Requirements” or “No State CE Requirements.”  (And if there is no requirement then the MLO does not need to take a course for that year for that license).   Directions for how to view the record are available on the NMLS Resource Center.

Remember the Successive Year Rule: MLOs are prohibited by the SAFE Act from taking the same CE course in successive years (two years in a row).  If the same course is taken two years in a row the course may appear on the Course Completion Record with zero credit hours applied and the MLO will have to complete another CE course.

PE Does Not Count as CE: If an MLO has a CE requirement but instead completes a PE course, NMLS will not count the course as meeting the annual CE requirement and the MLO will be prevented from filing for renewal.

Make Use of the State Specific PE/CE Education Charts: The most current State Specific PE/CE Education Charts are dated October 1, 2013.  There is a chart of every state agency which includes information on PE and CE requirements, any specific or unique information about the agency, and each agency’s annual CE deadline.    This year’s document also includes information on the Uniform CE Policy and Q&A’s on the new course completion record.

SMART Deadlines: Last year we initiated SMART deadlines which proved to be extremely popular.   The CE deadlines for 2013 are as follow:

SMART Deadline: Friday, December 20
At-Risk-to-Miss Renewal Deadline: Friday, December 27
Guaranteed to Miss Renewal Deadline: Tuesday, December 31
*Note: some agencies may have an earlier deadline.

Credit Bank on Time: One of most frequently call/e-mail topics of the renewal period is from MLOs inquiring about missing course credit.   Courses appear on the MLO’s record immediately following the successful completion of the credit banking process (there is no delay).   Here are the top reasons why a course will not appear on the record:

– Number One Reason: The provider is banking a large number of MLOs and an individual was missed.
– Number Two Reason: The credit banking process was initiated but not finished (usually because the fees were not paid and the roster expired)
– Number Three Reason: MLO did not have or did not provide their correct NMLS ID number.
– Number Four Reason: the course provider did not report within seven (7) calendar days of the course end date.  Credit banking as soon as possible after the course end date will help to reduce the number of calls/e-mail we all receive.

The EMS provides a roster report number and an e-mail confirmation at the successful completion of the credit banking process.  These tools are accessible to both course provides and SRR staff and can be very useful to confirm that an MLO’s course was reported.

Stored Payment Method Now Available in EMS: Another useful feature now available in the EMS is the ability to set-up a preferred ACH or credit card payment method.   Setting-up a preferred payment method will prevent you from having to re-enter account information for every transaction which helps to reduce errors and can save you time.

Points of Contact for Assistance: For technical assistance with the EMS, setting-up course offerings, or with credit banking, your POC is Alan Ridenour at

If you or an MLO need assistance with information that is appearing on a course completion record, or if corrections need to be made to the record, your POC is Rich Madison at

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