Effective October 21, 2013 NMLS Will Implement a Service Fee of 2.5% for Any Fee Paid By Credit Card

Beginning October 21, 2013 any NMLS fee paid by a credit card will be charged a service fee of 2.5%.  This service fee extends to any fee paid through the Education Management System (EMS) to include course approvals and credit banking fees.  Any licensee, registrant, or course provider choosing to pay by ACH will see no change to their payments.  Licensees, registrants, and course providers paying by credit card will have a service fee of 2.5 percent of total charges added to their payment amount.

In an effort to make using ACH easier, course providers will be able to update their EMS account profiles to set-up payment preference methods so that credit card and/or ACH account information will not have to be manually input every time a payment is required.  This functionality will be made available the week of September 16.

Any questions regarding the service fee or for how to update an EMS account profile should be directed to Rich Madison (rmadison@csbs.org ) or Alan Ridenour (aridenour@csbs.org).

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