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Critical Info to Include When Requesting Assistance with Credit Banking or Corrections

NMLS has received several requests for assistance with setting-up course offerings in the new EMS.  Unfortunately, our ability to provide timely assistance is being hampered by lack of information.   When requesting assistance, please always remember to provide the following information:

If you are attempting to credit bank in the new EMS and need a course offering for a course that was offered in the past and are seeking help with setting-up the offering, we need the following:
– Course number
– Course offering start/end date
– Course offering start/end time
– Course offering address (street, city, and zip)

If there is a question involving an MLO, we need the MLO’s first and last name and the NMLS ID number.  If you don’t have one of the two, then please include the MLO’s email address so we can cross reference.

If asking to make a correction to a record, please be sure to provide the full name of the MLO,  the course number(s) and specific dates.

All request for assistance should be sent to

CFPB Issues Proposed Modification to Mortgage Rules; New Rules Implementation Page

Yesterday the CFPB issued proposals to clarify and make some narrow revisions to the new mortgage rules that were published in January.  Among the changes being proposed is a clarification on definition of a loan originator, and the implementation date of portions of the loan originator rule.  A summary of the proposed changes and a link to the full text is available on the CFPB’s web site at:

The CFPB also recently launched a Mortgage Rules Implementation page that many course providers may find to be useful.  The page provides a very useful chart of all the new rules, rule summaries, citations and explanation videos.   Course providers are authorized to use this information in course materials.  The implementation page is available here:

Credit Banking Now Available in the New EMS

Approved course providers can now resume reporting course completions using the new EMS.  If you have a course that started before 6/17 with an end date after 6/17, please email NMLS staff at for assistance with setting-up that offering so that you can credit bank.

Quick Tips for When Credit Banking Resumes on Monday

Approved course providers will be able to resume reporting course completions after 10am ET on Monday, June 24.  Here are some quick tips to help make the new process run smoothly:

– Unlike in PULSE portal, the new EMS will validate the full last name of an MLO.

– During the credit banking process, the EMS does a validation check to ensure the MLO’s NMLS ID and full last name match.  If an NMLS ID or last name is wrong, the EMS will identify any incorrect information so it can be corrected.  If you elect to continue the process without making any corrections, the EMS will proceed to credit bank against those MLOs with matching NMLD ID numbers and last names and will not process and/or charge for any that is incorrect. 

– The maximum number of MLOs that can be credit banked at a time is 100.

– You can credit bank by manually entering NMLS ID numbers and the MLO’s last name or you can upload a .csv file.

– Unlike in the PULSE portal, every OSS courses must have at least one offering associated with the course order to credit bank. The offering is used as an internal system reference point for credit banking.  If your OSS course does not already have an offering set-up, please set one up as soon as you log into the EMS.  The completion date of the offering and the date the MLO completed the course do not have to match (you’ll enter the course completion date in the system during the credit banking process).  

– The template for the .csv file is located in the lower left corner of the EMS along with all the updated User Guide for Credit Banking (and the other processes). 

– If paying using ACH, under account type, choose “personal checking.”  Personal checking works for both personal and business accounts. 

– Please be sure your e-mail address is correct in your account profile.  After you have completed the credit banking process, the EMS will e-mail you a receipt which is your confirmation that the credit banking was successfully completed.

– NMLS has put new processes in place to address any credit banking problems.  Incorrect credit banking is to be reported to Rich Madison ( 

– Lastly, any Late CE, including for years 2010 and 2011, is to be credit banked using the EMS just like a regular course. 

Along with the new credit banking functionality, NMLS is launching a new course completion record and will begin tracking compliance for state-specific education.  FAQs about how NMLS will be tracking education compliance are in the front pages of the State Specific Education Charts of PE and CE.  NMLS has also posted an updated reference for how to view the new course completion record.

Existing Providers: Do Not Set-up a New Account Profile in the New EMS

All existing NMLS approved course providers have a company profile in the new EMS that has been migrated over from the PULSE system.  These profiles are tied to existing course records and login credentials that have been issued.   Course providers should not create new profile in the new EMS.  Providers can update existing account information after they log in.

Reminder to Set-up Course Offerings in EMS

Course providers are reminded they need to log into the new EMS and set-up offerings for courses scheduled between now and December 31, 2013.  Offerings there were previously set-up in the PULSE portal were not migrated to the new Education Management System (EMS).

Also, If you have a course that started  before 6/17 with an end date after 6/17, please email NMLS staff at for assistance with setting-up that offering in the new EMS so that you can credit bank next week.

Change in Reporting Late CE Courses Starting June 24

Effective June 24, course providers offering Late CE courses will no longer be required to e-mail  course completion to NMLS for credit banking.  Late CE courses for years 2010, 2011, and 2012 are to be credit banked with the actual date the MLO completed the course just like regular CE courses.  Questions regarding credit banking of Late CE courses should be directed to Rich Madison,