New Pilot Initiative for Course Approvals in the OIL Format

As part of the submission process for an online instructor led course (OIL), NMLS will begin inviting specific course providers to participate in a pilot where they will be asked to demonstrate (via webinar) to NMLS and course evaluators their LMS and how the instructional design elements of the course meet the Functional Specifications.  The intent of the pilot is to determine how NMLS and course providers can work more collaboratively to improve course quality and reduce the time it takes for OIL courses to be approved.  Course providers in the process of getting an OIL course approved and/or who have never had an OIL course approved in the past and who submit one for approval will be asked to participate in the pilot.  The pilot will run until October/November 2013 when NMLS performs the annual review to the Functional Specifications for All Approved Courses.   Questions about this pilot should be directed to Jessica Ayton, Manager, Mortgage Education Operations, at

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