Avoiding Paying Unnecessary Renewal Fees

Over the past few months, NMLS has observed providers submitting for renewals incorrectly which has resulted in them paying more in fees than they need to.   One of the most common mistakes is when a provider is intending to submit for either a course or provider renewal but instead submits the application as a new application in PULSE.  New provider or course applications are $100 more than renewal applications.  Please be advised that NMLS does not issue refunds when this type of mistake occurs.

To avoid paying unnecessary fees, pay careful attention when submitting a renewal application in.  After logging into PULSE, users are presented a list of four menu options with links.  All the renewal links are at the bottom the list under “Education Provider Services.”   Provider should then select either the link “Renew a Course” or “Renew a Provider.”  Keep in mind, the renewal application screens are very different than the new application screens (they are shorter).  For additional assistance, there are also instruction manuals which provide step-by-step instructions for how to fill out forms and complete every business process with NMLS.  These manuals may be found in the NMLS Resource Center under the header “Course Providers.”

Also, please be aware that the renewal windows open and close on the first day and last day of every month. The PULSE system will not allow you to pay and submit renewal fees after the deadline has passed.  It is imperative that you submit your renewal application and pay the fees within the monthly window.  The open and closing processing are completely automated in PULSE; NMLS cannot provide an extension for paying the fees and submitting a renewal application (either provider or course).  While NMLS does make every effort to remind each and every provider of an upcoming renewal deadline through the Newsletter and email, ultimately it is your responsibility as an approved course provider to know about a deadline and respond accordingly.

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