Please Report Course Completions to NMLS as Soon as Possible

Course providers are reminded that they have an obligation to report course completions for every MLO who completes a course within 7 calendar days of the course completion.  With the annual renewal period open we have received numerous reports of MLOs complaining that their course completion is not in the system.  This problem is compounded by the fact that in a majority of states MLOs cannot request renewal unless their record is showing CE compliance.  Here are three simple rules for CE:

–          Always provide an end-of-course completion certificate for every course completed regardless of classroom format (classroom, webinar, self-study, online PE).

–          When provided with an NMLS ID number, credit bank with 7 calendar days (report sooner to avoid calls from anxious MLOs).

–          Be aware of the “Successive Years” rule which precludes an MLO from taking the same course two years in a row.

If you need assistance with credit banking please contact either Alan Ridenour ( or Rich Madison (


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