Annual Licensing Renewal Period Begins Tomorrow

The 2011 renewal period opens tomorrow and will run through December 31.  Please be advised, however, that a few states have a CE deadline earlier that the standard December 31 deadline. These states include:

Georgia: Today – October 31!
District of Columbia: Tomorrow – November 1!
Kentucky: November 30
West Virginia: November 30
Delaware: December 1
Iowa: December 1
Kansas: December 1
Puerto Rico: December 1
Vermont: December 1
Idaho: December 15
Washington: December 15

The State-Specific Education Requirements Chart (dated October 12, 2011) lists the education requirements for every mortgage licensing agency.  The charts are available in the NMLS Resource Center .

Please note that a majority of states are taking advantage of NMLS functionality which prevents an MLO from submitting for renewal until they have completed their annual CE.  So while NMLS policies allow for up to seven (7) calendar days from the course end date to report course completions, you can avoid increasing your call volume by credit banking as soon as possible.  Please also remember to issue always issue a course completion certificate (this is an NMLS requirement for all classroom formats).

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