Annual CE Season Underway

September is not only back to school month, it’s also when the annual CE period gets into full swing.  We’ve been doing our part to assist both MLOs and providers prepare for the season:

–          In July and August we’ve sent out over 143,000 e-mails to MLOs reminding them of their requirement to complete CE.  Another 50,000 emails will be sent in September.

–          The State- Specific Education Charts have been posted on the education page of the NMLS Resource Center and will be linked to each agency’s renewal page on September 6.

–          The Education page of the NMLS Resource Center has been updated to provide more information to assist MLOs to complete CE.

–          Information about the number of licensees who have completed CE year-to-date is being shared with providers and is being posted online monthly.

–          We are working on information and requirements for the Late CE catalog and will have information distributed to course provider in mid-September.

We know and continue to field calls on a daily basis from providers requesting the status of approval of their CE courses.  Please be assured we are working as quickly as possible to review every course and provide feedback as quickly as possible (generally, within 10-15 business days).  As many can appreciate, a significant number of courses were submitted for review in August, many of them online self-study courses which require an additional review to ensure that both technical and content standards are met.

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