2011 Annual CE Period Getting Underway

As we approach late summer we’re also starting to think about back to school and the annual CE period.  This is the first year in which all state-licensed MLOs nationwide have a requirement to complete continuing education.  To help everybody prepare, here are few things course providers should know:

–          The requirement to complete annual CE only applies to state-licensed MLOs; federally registered MLOs do not have a requirement to complete 8hrs of NMLS approved CE. Remember to target any marketing campaigns accordingly!

–          Approximately 85,000 state-licensed MLOs require CE this year; we will report and post monthly the number of MLOs who have completed CE within the first two weeks of every month (see the July 18th posting for June’s report).

–          In coordination with state-agencies, we are sending e-mail communications to MLOs who are not yet completed CE to remind them of the requirement.  Over 75,000 e-mail notifications were sent last week.

–          Effective October 1, many state agencies will prevent an MLO from applying for renewal unless they have completed their CE.  MLOs are being encouraged not to wait until the last minute to complete a course or they could find themselves running out of time.

–          Providers are reminded to report course completions as soon as possible.  As deadlines approach, MLOs will get anxious which will increase call volume for everybody.  Completing credit banking as soon as possible will help to reduce stress (and will keep you from having to repeatedly answer the same question).

Any questions regarding CE requirements should be directed to Rich Madison (rmadison@csbs.org).

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