Unable to Grant Access to Data in NMLS Consumer Access for Marketing Purposes

We have recently been in receipt of several requests from providers for access to NMLS Consumer AccessSM or for a list of MLO’s e-mail and/or postal mail addresses that may be used for marketing purposes.   Please be advised that NMLS is unable to honor these requests.  NMLS Consumer AccessSM contains data on licensed entities from 58 state agencies – this information is owned by each of those agencies.  Because each state has varying public record laws and regulations that govern the use of state data, NMLS Consumer AccessSM Terms and Conditions were developed with these varying state laws and regulations in mind.    Section 5 of the Terms and Conditions reads, in part:

You agree that you will not use the information provided to you through NMLS Consumer AccessSM for purposes of soliciting registered persons or companies for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Accordingly, NMLS is not able to grant any requests for access to the data contained in NMLS Consumer AccessSM nor can we provide lists of MLO e-mail addresses and/or mailing addresses that may be used for marketing purposes.

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