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NMLS to Host Quarterly Survey Report Summary and Provider Renewal Webinar on July 12

NMLS will host a webinar on July 12 at 2pm ET to discuss the results of the 2nd Quarter Quarterly Student Survey Report.  Since the last webinar in April on the same subject we have implemented a new survey tool that has increased student response rates and is enabling us to acquire more specific insights into how students perceive the quality of education they are receiving.  We have also increased the number of audits we’re performing and are starting to mystery shop.  The webinar will cover information on each of these topics.   Immediately following the quarterly survey discussion (expected to last about 30-40 minutes) we will then shift gears to provide information on the provider renewal process.  This will be good information for anybody who is due for renewal in July and missed the June presentation or who is coming due in August.  Please note that this webinar is for NMLS approved course providers only.  To RSVP please send name and e-mail address to  Login details will be sent on July 8.

June Course Renewal Window Closes Soon; July Renewals Set to Open Friday

Course providers who have course renewals due this month are reminded that the renewal window will close at 11:59pm ET on Thursday, June 30th.  Providers have until that time to pay the fees and submit necessary documentation.  If you do not intend to renew a course, please let Alan Ridenour ( know and that will assist us to plan accordingly.  Please also keep in mind that if a course isn’t renewed, there is a 30 day period to teach-out the course and finalize all credit banking.

The course renewal window for courses due in July will open at 12:01am on Friday.  The first provider renewal period will also open at 12:01am on Friday, July 1.  Details about the provider renewal process may be found in the June 21 and 15 postings of the Newsletter at

Course Provider Renwal List Updated

The initial posting with the July provider renewal list contained incorrect information.  The updated July and August provider renewal list has been reposted.  See below or

Details on Course Provider Renewals Which Begin July 1

Corrected Information: July and August Renewal List Updated

The biennial course provider renewal process gets underway beginning July 1 and we’re starting to receive quite a few phone calls about the process.  A list of providers who are due in July and a few tips to prepare follow:

– As noted previously, NMLS moved from a fixed biennial renewal period to monthly rolling renewals based upon the two-year anniversary month of the initial approval date.  This means the date listed on the Approved Provider List may be further out than the one listed on your initial approval letter.  Providers should use the date listed on the Approved Provider List which can be found here:

– Just like we do when you have a course up for renewal, you will be notified at least 30 days prior that your renewal period is approaching.

– We will host a webinar on July 12th for providers who are due in July and August to go over the renewal process, the application forms, and to answer questions.  An invitation to attend the webinar will be sent to those providers are due in these two months.

– We will continue to host monthly webinars for providers who are coming due.  We’ll host a webinar in early August for those organizations that are scheduled for renewal in September.

– All providers are reminded that effective July 1, the NMLS Approved Course Provider logo will no longer be authorized for use (see the May 4th and June 13th Newsletter postings for details).

– Instructions, in the form of a User Guide have been posted in the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center.  The user guide provides step-by-step instructions for how to complete the application, upload the forms, and pay the fees.

– While we encourage provider to prepare early, please do not attempt to submit the forms or pay fees until on or after July 1.  The functionally for the renewal process does not become available in PULSE until July 1 (which also happens to be the July 4th weekend so we will not begin sending out the invitations to upload documents in the approval portal until Tuesday, July 5th).

– Questions about the renewal process should be addressed to Alan Ridenour at or Rich Madison at

– The following is a list of course providers who are scheduled to complete the renewal process between July 1 and July 30:

Mortgage Education Foundation
ProSchools, Inc.
Abacus Mortgage Training and Education
Advanced Education Systems LLC d/b/a TrainingPro
AppleTree Professional Training
Ameritrain Mortgage Institute
Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, Inc.
123CE Inc
State Continuing Education, Inc.
Broker Knowledge Group
Praedo Institute
America’s Premier Real Estate & Financing School, Inc.
Nations Mortgage Certified Training, LLC
New England Mortgage Education Council
1Source Training LLC
Mortgage Bankers Association
School of Mortgage Lending
America’s Mortgage Trainers dba Florida Mortgage School
Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association
MTI Services Corporation
Mortgage Training Specialists
Mortgage Bankers School of Puerto Rico
Rockwell Institute
ASB/RES, LLC d/b/a American School of Business
Hogan School of Real Estate, Inc.
24-7 Education, Inc
Burk Baker School of Real Estate & Appraising
Career WebSchool
Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association (RIMBA)
Power Training
New York Association of Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage State Training LLC
Mortgage Educators
Central Piedmont Community College
Bob Brooks School
National Association of Mortgage Fiduciaries
Nebraska Association of Mortgage Brokers Inc
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
Champions School of Real Estate LTD
Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association, Inc.
Jim Montrym’s National Loan Originator’s School d/b/a Florida Mortgage Broker School

– The following is a list of course providers who are scheduled to complete the renewal process between August 1 and August 31:

Mortgage Training Concepts, LLC
The Dares Institute, LLC
Lorman Business Center, Inc. dba Lorman Education Services
Financial Strategies Mortgage, Inc.
Alliance Academy
Bergen School of Business
Randall School of Real Estate
ACE for Professionals, LLC
Cape School Inc.
Schlicher-Kratz Institute
Alpha Mortgage Training
Mortgage Trainers of North America
Genworth Mortgage Insurance Genworth Financial, Inc.
Real Estate Institute
Host Group Real Estate, LLC.
Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance
Academy for Professional Mortgage Originator Licensing LLC
Arizona Academy of Real Estate
NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate
National Academy of Financial Literacy
Arizona School of Real Estate & Business
Resource Real Estate Services, LLC.
Mortgage U Inc.
Bookmark Education
Law Office of Peter A. L. Macdonald
Manfred Real Estate Learning Center, Inc.


Annual Adjustment to Fees that Trigger Additional Disclosure Requirements Announced

Providers are advised that on June 13th the Federal Reserve Board published its annual adjustment to the amount of fees that triggers additional disclosure requirements under the Truth in Lending Act and the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994 for home mortgage loans that bear rates or fees above a certain amount.

The dollar amount of the fee-based trigger has been adjusted to $611 for 2012 based on the annual percentage change reflected in the consumer price index that was in effect as of June 1, 2011.

The adjustment is required by statute and is effective January 1, 2012. Providers should update applicable course content as appropriate.  According to the Federal Reserve the adjustment does not affect the rules for “higher-priced mortgage loans” adopted by the Board in July 2008. Coverage of mortgage loans under the July 2008 rules is determined using a different rate-based trigger.

The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act restricts credit terms such as balloon payments and requires additional disclosures when total points and fees payable by the consumer exceed the fee-based trigger or 8 percent of the total loan amount, whichever is larger.

Additional information and details can be found on the Federal Reserve’s web site at:

Unable to Grant Access to Data in NMLS Consumer Access for Marketing Purposes

We have recently been in receipt of several requests from providers for access to NMLS Consumer AccessSM or for a list of MLO’s e-mail and/or postal mail addresses that may be used for marketing purposes.   Please be advised that NMLS is unable to honor these requests.  NMLS Consumer AccessSM contains data on licensed entities from 58 state agencies – this information is owned by each of those agencies.  Because each state has varying public record laws and regulations that govern the use of state data, NMLS Consumer AccessSM Terms and Conditions were developed with these varying state laws and regulations in mind.    Section 5 of the Terms and Conditions reads, in part:

You agree that you will not use the information provided to you through NMLS Consumer AccessSM for purposes of soliciting registered persons or companies for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Accordingly, NMLS is not able to grant any requests for access to the data contained in NMLS Consumer AccessSM nor can we provide lists of MLO e-mail addresses and/or mailing addresses that may be used for marketing purposes.

NMLS Approved Course Provider Logo No Longer Authorized for Use Effective July 1

This is a reminder that the NMLS Approved Course Provider logo will no longer be authorized for use after July 1, 2011.  Providers who are currently using the logo on their web site and/or are using it in marketing materials should begin the process to remove it.

We are currently finalizing the new approved course logo and anticipate starting to send the updated logo to providers the first week of July.  To deter unauthorized use, the new logo design incorporates the unique course ID number and a digital watermark.  The logo is also being designed to function both on the web and in print.  It will take approximately 30 days to fully transition from the existing logo to the new one.  Providers may continue to use the current logo until the new one is received.

Additionally, as was posted in the May 4th Newsletter, we have updated the Policy on Criteria for Granting Approval to Become an NMLS Approved Course Provider.  The updated policy includes a requirement for a course provider to maintain their approval status by working in good faith toward having a least one course approved by NMLS within sixty days of their initial provider approval letter date and to maintain a least one course in an approved status.  Over 150 existing providers do not meet this criterion.  We are beginning the process to reach out to providers to inform them that they do not meet the criteria and to remind them that their approval status may be suspended unless a course is submitted.  A copy of the updated policy is available in the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center at: