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Changes are Coming to the Course Approval Portal!

In an effort to provide better customer service and make it easier for you to communicate with us, changes are being made to the NMLS Course Approval Portal (Basecamp). The most significant change, which is starting to be made now, is consolidating and centralizing all the documentation pertaining to each course’s initial application and approval, renewal, and audit reports under a single course project.  This is a change from the current process where a course provider is set-up with a new project every time a new course, a course renewal, or an audit is initiated.  Going forward a single course project will be maintained for the entire lifecycle of the course which will also enable for you to see the courses entire history.  We are also expanding the use of the messaging capability that is a part of Basecamp so that all correspondence pertaining to a course is also archived.

To get the most out of these changes, please keep the following in mind:

  • When you submit a course for approval, a course project will be set-up for the course application and associated documents.
  • Once the course is approved, the project will be archived so that your course list does not appear long.
  • When the course is up for renewal or audit, it will be un-archived so that you will have access to all of the old documents and correspondence.
  • Once the audit or renewal of the course has been complete, the course will be archived again.
  • When uploading new files to a course project, you will see folders that correspond to course application, renewal, or audit.   Placing your documents in the correct folder and then notifying us via the message system will help us to more quickly take action on them.
  • Please begin using the message board in the course project to communicate with NMLS about your specific course.

We hope you find these changes useful.  If you have any questions about how to use Basecamp or would like additional instructions please feel free to contact Alan Ridenour at

Reference Guide for Citing Sources and Regulations in Course Materials Now Available

Not citing sources is one of the leading reasons for why a course is returned to a provider as deficient.  To address this problem, and at the request of many course providers, the course evaluation team has produced a reference guide that shows how to cite sources and regulations in course materials, including course manuals and PowerPoint slides.  The reference guide is designed to be easy to use:  it includes information about the types of sources not to use (e.g. Wikipedia); it talks about when and how to repeat citations, and then it provides various examples for how to reference and footnote various federal and state laws.   The reference guide is available in the Course Provider Section of the NMLS Resource Center under Notices and Examples at:

State-Specific Education Requirements Chart Updated

The 2011 State-Specific Education Requirements for PE and CE chart is now available.  The new chart, which includes all state agencies, combines the former 2010 State CE Requirements chart and the old State-Specific Education Requirements chart into a single master document.  The new document is available in the Course Provider section of the NMLS Resource Center under Notices and Examples at:

The Future of NMLS Education, Auditing, and Provider Renewals: Just Some of the Topics Being Discussed at the NMLS User Conference

Time is running out to register for NMLS User Conference, Feb 7-10 in Orlando, FL.  Below is the agenda of the provider track to be held on Feb 10th.  Registration and other details can be found here:

NMLS Education Providers Track
Thursday, February 10, 9am – 12pm

Course Auditing
NMLS conducted a limited number of course audits in 2010.  This discussion will focus on how NMLS intends to expand course auditing to implement a multi-faceted  strategy which will assist to not only verify that courses are being administered in accordance with polices, but will enable for increased dialogue among all stakeholders.

Mr. Richard Madison
Sr. Director, Mortgage Education Programs
State Regulatory Registry

MTEB Investigations

The Mortgage Testing and Education Board (MTEB) have been actively engaged with SRR staff to investigate reported violations of the Test Takers Code of Conduct and Course Providers Standard of Conduct.  Information will be provided about how the MTEB conducts its work, the results to date and lessons learned for test takers.

Mr. Pete Marks
Vice President, National Mortgage Testing & Education Programs
State regulatory Registry LLC
MTEB Board Member(s)

To be announced

Panel Discussion: Status and Future Needs of NMLS Approved Education
Since September 2009, over 2.4 million hour of NMLS approved education has been delivered.  While this is a significant milestone in the implementation of the SAFE Act, NMLS recognizes that a majority of the individuals who completed this education were existing MLOs who had a certain amount of experience in the industry.  As we move into 2011, the individuals who will be taking pre-licensure education will be individuals new the industry.  The objective of this panel discussion is to explore how course providers will meet the needs of these individuals.  Specifically, the panel will discuss:

–          How to make the best use of the 20 hours required by the SAFE Act.

–          Pre-licensure education in relation to the SAFE MLO test.

–          How education providers can better serve the needs of perspective licensees.

–          Industry expectations of pre-licensure and continuing education.

Ms. Jenifer Edwards
Licensing Manager, Primary Residential Mortgage

Mr. Mark Solomon

Compliance Manager, AVP, The IMPAC Companies

Mr. Ken Perry

President & CEO, Broker Knowledge Group

Ms. Valerie Saunders

VP, FL Association of Mortgage Brokers Education Foundation

Mr. Pete Marks (moderator)
Vice President, National Mortgage Testing & Education Programs
State regulatory Registry LLC

Courses and Provider Renewal Processes

Believe it or not but the first two-year cycle of course provider renewals begin in a couple of months.  Get the inside track about the requirements and process.  Also hear about how the course renewal process is going, and learn tips for how to ensure your course gets through the process quickly.

Mr. Richard Madison
Sr. Director, Mortgage Education Programs
State Regulatory Registry

Time is Running out for January Course Renewals!

To date, we have only received information pertaining to 43 of the 92 courses that are up for renewal this month.  With only seven days left, we are still waiting to hear from providers about 49 courses.  Please remember the final deadline for renewing a course is midnight (ET) on January 31 (this is an automated process so there are no exceptions).   If you have a course that is up for renewal, and you know you are not going to renew it, please send an e-mail to Alan Ridenour ( and let him know so we can plan accordingly.

Course renewals for February begin next Tuesday (57 courses are due).  The User Guide and the course renewal applications form is available in the NMLS Resource Center at

Last Call to Complete Classroom Equivalent Courses

If you have not already done so, please take a minute to complete the survey for classroom equivalent courses.  The survey is designed to assist us to better understand what types of webinar technologies are being employed by the course provider community.  Your responses will help us to more effectively update the functional specification in a way that takes into consideration the technical capabilities of common delivery platforms.   You can complete the survey by clicking on or going to the following link:

The survey will remain available until the morning of January 18th.

Please Submit January Course Renewals As Soon as Possible

As mentioned on January 3, there are 92 courses up for renewal in January.  To date, NMLS has only received 12 courses, which means 80 still need to be submitted in a little over two weeks.  So that we can plan effectively, if you have a course up for renewal this month, please send a note to Alan Ridenour ( and let him know if you intend or do not intent to submit your course(s) for renewal.