Updated Functional Spec for Online CE Self-Paced Courses Posted

In response to several questions and feedback from the course provider community, NMLS has updated the Functional Specification Online CE courses.  The functional spec updates the following sections:

–       Section 2.5 has been updated to reduce the number of questions associated with the final exam from 25 questions to 15 for courses that are two or less hours.  For courses that are 3 or more hours the requirement is for the final exam to have 25 questions.

–       Section 2.6.5 has been updated to eliminate the requirement for an end-of-module quiz or exercise so that the only requirement is the quiz.  This was done to eliminate confusion over the definition of an “exercise.”

–       Section 3.2 has been updated to provide greater clarity about the specifics of the final exam and shortens the amount of exam questions required for courses that are 2 or fewer hours.

This updated functional spec is effective January 1, 2011.  Previously approved courses must be in compliance with the updated requirements by their annual renewal date.

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