Monthly Archives: December 2010

Remember to Submit Course Renewal Applications

NMLS has still not received 36 courses that are due for renewal this month.  Course providers with courses that are scheduled for renewal are reminded that the course application and fees must be paid by December 31.  Please also keep in mind the holiday schedule and remember that any course submitted on or after this Wednesday afternoon will not be processed until next Monday since NMLS will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Christmas holiday.

New Test Performance Numbers Released

NMLS has released new test pass rate information.  The new numbers look at the individual pass rate over time, comparing the total number of individuals who have ever taken a test component to the number of individuals who have passed regardless of the number of times they have taken a test.  As of November 30th, for the National Component: 126,603 individuals have taken the test; 104,527 have passed resulting in a pass rate of 83%.  For the aggregate state component: 168,981 individuals have taken a test; 154,319 individuals passed for a pass rate of 91%.   Further details about the pass rates can be found on the NMLS Resource Center at

Test Content Outlines Updated

The test content outlines for AZ, DC, MA, and MS were recently reviewed and updated.  Course providers are encouraged to make use of the outlines when preparing state-specific courses and to make MLOs aware of them since they are an excellent resource to prepare for the MLO SAFE test.   The outlines can be found on the testing page of the NMLS Resource Center at:

NMLS Holiday Schedule

NMLS offices will be closed December 23 and 24 for the Christmas holiday.  The office will be open normal hours December 27-29th.  While CSBS/NMLS offices are closed on December 30-31 in observance of New Year’s Day, a small number of staff members will be available to assist with any last minute questions/issues that need to be addressed as the final SAFE Act deadline approaches.

Course providers who have courses that are up for renewal in December are urged to keep the holiday schedule in mind and to submit their renewal applications and pay the fees as soon as possible.

Reminder (again) to Credit Bank on Time

NMLS has noticed a sharp increase in late credit banking.  As we have been discussing, with the final SAFE Act deadlines fast approaching, MLOs are becoming anxious about their record which results in an escalation of calls to both the NMLS Call Center as well as your own customer service numbers.

Remember, NMLS policies require credit banking be completed within seven (7) calendar days from the course end date.  Given the time of year and the large volume of licensees who are working to complete year-end requirements, providers may have to adjust their processes to credit bank more frequently to keep-up with the volume.  NMLS tracks late credit banking by provider; organizations that continue to credit bank late may be referred to the Mortgage Testing & Education (MTEB) for a Standards-of-Conduct violation.

If you have any problems or need questions answered related to credit banking please contact Alan Ridenour ( and Rich Madison (   And as reminder, be sure to see the information posted on November 15th about how to read the course completion record.

Help Reduce Customer Services Calls by Credit Banking ASAP

With less than 30 days left in the year, MLOs are starting to get anxious about making sure all of their education and other information is reported in NMLS.  Already MLOs who completed a course a couple of days ago are starting to call in asking why their credits are not appearing in NMLS.  These types of calls are expected to significantly increase in the comings weeks.  While NMLS allows providers seven (7) calendar days from the course end date to report course completions, please do yourself a favor and report course completions as soon as possible.

If you have any problems or need questions answered related to credit banking please send a note to Alan Ridenour ( and Rich Madison (   And as reminder, be sure to see the information posted on November 15th about how to read the course completion record.

Updates Being Made to Functional Spec for Classroom Equivalent Courses

NMLS is currently working on updating the functional specification for classroom equivalent (webinar) courses.  Readers of the most recent Quarterly Student Survey Report and NMLS’s own auditing of these courses reveal a lack of interactivity and lower student confidence in the instruction as compared to classroom and online instructor-led courses.   The current functional specification was written to identify best practices in delivering webinars; often these practices are not being followed.   Accordingly, the functional spec is being updated to include more prescriptive requirements similar to the two online functional specs.  Given the number of changes that are to be made, NMLS will invite the course provider community to comment on proposed changes prior to posting the final document.