Requirement for References and Case Studies in All Courses (including Renewals)

Course providers who are currently preparing courses for the annual renewal process are reminded of the requirement to include “exercises, examples, and/or case studies regarding state law and to cite references in their material.”   The requirement has been in existence since January 2010.  The intent of the requirement, particularly the requirement to cite references, is to assist MLOs to better prepare for the National and State Components of the MLO SAFE test by exposing them to the laws and statues that are contained on the test content outline.  The requirement to include case studies, particularly in the case of state law, is intended to reinforce learning by providing context for how the law is applied in real-world situations.

To assist providers to meet these requirements a model course syllabus and a model PowerPoint presentation that shows how regulations and laws should be referenced are available under the Notice and Examples section under the Course Provider tab of the NMLS Resource Center at:

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