New Credit Banking Receipts

If you’ve completed any credit banking within the past few days you’ve noticed something new at the end of the process: the list of MLOs you banked against and a receipt that itemized the fees paid.  The change is a new enhancement to PULSE that NMLS has been working with Pearson VUE on for the past few months to implement.   The new receipt, which is generated every time credit banking is performed, itemizes the number of course completions submitted, the amount that was authorized on the credit card, the number of course completions successfully completed, and the final total amount that was charged to the card.  The receipt also notes any errors (e.g. mismatched NMLS ID number to student name, or bad NMLS ID number).  These errors are any differences between the number submitted and the number successfully completed.

NMLS is excited to have this new functionality in place since it sends to your e-mail a detailed real-time summary of the transaction as well as specific details on any error.  Please note, that with this new receipt functionality in place, NMLS will stop uploading the individual weekly credit banking summaries into the Course Provider Approval Portal.

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