Course Renewal User Guide and Application Form Posted

Eleven course providers have courses eligible for annual renewal starting in August.  In preparation for the start of renewals NMLS has published to the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center the Course Renewal Application for as well as a User Guide that explains in detail how to submit courses for renewal.  Providers are strongly encouraged to carefully read the User Guide prior to submitting the renewal application.  A few key points that providers need be aware of:

–  Appendix A of the User Guide: NMLS Approved Course Renewal Process provides a check list of course content NMLS expects to have been updated this past year.

–  As part of the course renewal process, providers will be required to submit course material with updated course information highlighted.

–  Providers will need to log into BOTH the PULSE portal as well as the NMLS Course Approval Portal to complete the process.  Instructions about when to use each portal are contained in the User Guide.

–  With rolling renewals, the monthly course renewal period starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month (so the first period is 1 Aug – 30 Aug).  A course eligible for renewal during a specific month that is not renewed by the last day of the month will lose its NMLS approval status and will automatically be removed from the NMLS Master Course Catalog.

–  36 courses from 11 providers are up for renewal in August 2010; 70 courses from 21 providers are eligible in September, and 60 courses from 23 providers are due in October.

– Providers who have courses up for renewal will be notified by NMLS reminding them that they have pending renewals.

The user guide and course renewal application form can be found here:

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