Notice Regarding Guidance on Developing CE Courses Posted

NMLS has issued a notice providing guidance on how CE courses should be developed.  The notice is in response to a pattern where a number of courses have been received that are essentially “repackaged” versions of 20 hour pre-licensure courses which have been resubmitted for approval as CE courses with little regard for learning objectives, course rigor, or the SAFE Act’s intent for continuing education.  The result of these “repackaged” courses is that they often end up being a broad survey of federal laws, mortgage programs, and terms and definitions that, because of time limitations, results in various topics receiving only a few minutes of attention.  Accordingly, NMLS is providing guidance regarding the SAFE Act’s intent for requiring continuing education, and for how courses should be structured.  The notice also makes suggestions for course topics as well as recommendations for how to leverage previously approved education.  The document can be found in the course provider section of the NMLS Resource Center under Notices and Examples at:

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