Requirement for References and Case Studies in Courses

Since January there has been a requirement to cite references and include case studies in courses.  The intent of the requirement to include references is to assist MLOs to better prepare for the National and State Components of the MLO SAFE test by exposing them to the laws and statutes that are contained on the test content outlines.  The requirement to include case studies, particularly as they apply to state law, is to reinforce learning by providing context for how the laws are applied in real world situations.

To ensure providers have a clearer understanding of what NMLS is looking for when it reviews courses, the following documents have been posted in the NMLS Resource Center:

–  A model PowerPoint presentation that includes instructor notes and provides examples for how to properly cite state and federal laws.

–  A model course syllabus that includes examples of course descriptions, learning objective, and module time allocations.

These documents can be downloaded by going to the Notices and Examples section of the course provider resource page at:

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