Enhanced Upload Process Now Available for Credit Banking

Beginning May 6th, providers will be able to report course completions by uploading a roster via a comma delimited (.csv) file (called the “Upload Process”).  The upload process requires importing information into an Excel spreadsheet in a specific format, saving the file as a .csv file, and then uploading the file into the PULSE system.  While the process requires some initial set-up time, it may be a more efficient way to report a large number of course completions. Before attempting to use the upload process be sure to consult the updated User Guide: Reporting of NMLS Approved Course Completions available in the NMLS Resource Center.  The user guide, in addition to highlighting some important details about the process (e.g. only 100 NMLS ID’s can be upload at a time), also discusses how to properly prepare the csv file and upload it into the PULSE portal.  The User Guide is available at:   http://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/courseprovider/Pages/Resources.aspx

Questions regarding the credit banking process should be directed to Alan Ridenour (aridenour@csbs.org).

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