Functional Spec for Online CE Posted

The Functional Specification for Continuing Education (CE) Online Courses has been posted in the NMLS Resource Center.  The document is in draft form and NMLS welcomes constructive comments, questions, and recommendations regarding the requirements associated with delivering education in this classroom format. As is the case with all NMLS approved education, CE courses are intended to ensure MLOs are aware of laws and regulations, emergent trends, and other information necessary to function as a loan originator in the mortgage industry (as opposed to just passing the SAFE MLO test).  While NMLS has established specific criteria that must be met in order for a course to be approved, it is also our intent to provide the opportunity for course providers to develop and offer courses that are engaging and appeal to the various learning styles of adult learners.

Note: Unlike other NMLS approved classroom formats, this specification does require an end-of-course exam to be administered as a means to verify course completion.  The justification for this is to ensure students achieve a certain level of competency given that lack of instructor-to-student interaction.

NMLS will accept comments regarding this Functional Specification until April 23, 2010. Comments or recommendations should be sent directly to Rich Madison, Director, Mortgage Education Programs ( The Functional Spec is available here under Section 2 (Course Approvals):

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