Requirements for References and Case Studies

Since January, providers who have submitted courses have frequently received feedback informing them that they need to include “exercises, examples, and/or case studies regarding state law and to cite references in their material.”  For many providers this was a new requirement that caused frustration and resulted in a lot of questions.  The intent of the requirement, particularly the requirement to cite references, is to assist MLOs to better prepare for the National and State Components of the MLO SAFE test by exposing them to the laws and statues that are contained on the test content outline.  The requirement to include case studies, particularly in the case of state law, is intended to reinforce learning by providing context for how the law is applied in real-world situations.

We recognize we could have done a better job earlier of informing all providers of the requirement to include case studies and references.  To help ensure providers have a clearer understanding of the type of material NMLS is looking for, the following documents have been posted in the NMLS Resource Center (under Notices & Examples in the Course Provider section):

–          A model PowerPoint presentation that will include instructor notes and will explain what NMLS is looking for as well as what should not be included in the PowerPoint.

–          A model syllabus that will include examples of course descriptions, objectives, and module time allocations.

We hope these documents will assist to remove some of the subjectivity inherently associated with approving education.

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