CO PE Course Content Outline Updated

CO-DORA has updated the course content for the required 2 hours of pre-licensure education.  The outline has been updated to reflect recent changes approved by the Colorado Board of Mortgage Loan Originators to state specific regulation to comply with the federal integrated disclosure rules. Changes reflected in the course content outline include:

  • Strike all of CRS 12-61-914(2)- Written Disclosure of Fees
  • Strike all of CRS 38-40-102- Disclosure of Cost
  • Moved all deceptive practices from 12-61-911 to 12-61-905.5- Prohibited Conduct and Deceptive Practices
  • Strike all of 12-61-911- Prohibited Conduct

The revised content outline has been posted on the course provider page of the NMLS Resource Center.  It is requested that CO state-specific PE courses by updated no later than July 15, 2016 or upon course renewal, whichever is soonest.

Course Approvals – Ready, Set…uh Wait?

Help Us Help You!  We’re encountering a problem where some providers are initiating course approval or renewal projects in the Education Management System (EMS) but then are not submitting the course content until several weeks later.   This practice is negatively impacting the time it takes for courses to get approved.

As a rule you should only submit new courses for approval/renewal when the course content is ready to be reviewed.  Within 24 hours of the fees being paid in the EMS a project is created in the content portal (Basecamp) and the content should then be uploaded and made available for the course evaluator.  If the content is not there we reassign the evaluator to another project and they only revisit the course at their next window of availability.  Bottom line: not having content ready means your course(s) will go to the bottom of the work queue and this could have a serious impact if the course is up for renewal.

Additionally, if you are intending to submit a large number of courses for approval (5 or more), please give us a head’s-up by sending an e-mail to Britton (  Just like you we’re trying to manage our resources as efficiently as possible so if we know there are going to be a large number of courses coming in so we can plan accordingly.

Reminder About CA-DBO Education and Late CE Requirements

Course providers are reminded that California is a state with two agencies: the Bureau of Real Estate (CA-BRE) and the Dept. of Business Oversight (CA-DBO).  These two agencies have difference PE/CE requirements:

CA-BRE: No-state-specific PE or CE required
CA-DBO: PE = 2hr of state-specific / CE = 1hr of state-specific

Any MLO who is licensed with BRE and who may be seeking a license with DBO and/or who may have completed 20hrs of PE prior to 2015 and not completed the 2hrs of CA-DBO specific PE must do so before they will be able to submit the application to the Dept. of Business Oversight.

Additionally, we are noticing an increase in the number of MLOs who are completing Late CE in lieu of PE and/or when there is not a requirement for Late CE.  The completion of Late CE will not satisfy a PE requirement. Course providers should always encourage MLOs to review their Course Completion Record prior to taking Late CE to see if there is a requirement:

  • If the MLO is compliant for PE or CE, the record will show a green check mark.
  • If the MLO needs to complete a course, the record will show a yellow caution symbol.
  • If the record says “No Federal CE or PE Requirements” or “No State CE Requirements” no education is required for that year or license.

Detailed information about education requirements can be found on the State-Specific Education Charts.

Kentucky Amends Annual CE Requirement

NMLS has been informed that Kentucky is amending its annual continuing education (CE) requirement for MLO license renewal.  Beginning July 15, 2016 (anticipated effective date) Kentucky  will require 8 hours of annual CE which will also include 1 hour of KY state-specific education.  Accordingly, the number of hours of annual CE required for license renewal is being reduced from 12 to 8.  The requirement for 4 hours of KY state-specific education every-other-year is also being removed.  Additional details are available on the state’s web site.

Mississippi Amends CE Requirement for State-Specific Education

NMLS has been informed that effective July 1, 2016, Mississippi will no longer require the completion of MS state-specific continuing education and that the number of  hours of annual education required for license renewal is being reduced from 12 to 8.  The requirement for 4 hours of MS state-specific pre-licensure education remains.   Additional details are available on the state’s web site.

Changes to NMLS Education Staff

Effective March 31, Britton Anderson will assume responsibilities as the course provider point of contact for EMS customer service issues.  Britton is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland with an undergraduate degree in economics.  He has been working with Mike and the rest of the CSBS staff for the past couple of weeks learning about NMLS and the various functions of the EMS.  Britton’s mail address is

We’re also sad to report that Thursday, March 31, will be Mike Bray’s last day with us.  Mike and his wife recently moved to Ireland where they are pursuing some exciting career opportunities and we wish them well.

NMLS Conference Slides Available

We would like to thank everyone who attended the annual NMLS conference last week in Phoenix, AZ. It was the largest conference to date and by the most diverse in terms of session topics.   The course provider session on Tuesday, Feb 16, exceeded our attendance expectations and we had some really good discussions about online instruction and the course authentication initiative.

If you were unable to attend the conference you can access the slides from the two links below.   The first link it is a presentation that was provided by Arizona State University (ASU). ASU is one of the largest providers of online education in the country and they provided an excellent presentation on instructional design and building community in courses.   Their slides may be downloaded here:

We also provided an annual update on the testing and education program.   This presentation (which was given twice), as well slides from all the other presentations, may be found on the conference web site. Click the February 18, agenda tab at